Flag Definitions





All drivers must know and understand the starter’s flags. The starter is the Flagman, not the Pole Sitter.  The Flagman is in charge, and has complete control of  procedures while the race is going on.  The Flagman will use several different flags to communicate with the drivers and control the race.  You will notice several (5) signal lights, the same kind you see on the streets, positioned around the track.  The Flagman controls these signal lights.  Failure to obey the flags or lights, may result in disqualification.


GREEN FLAG:          Start or continue racing

green flag

On the last pace lap the Flagman will signal the pace car and drivers the race is about to start.  When the Flagman is ready, the yellow light will go out.  All cars must stay in their line-up positions and cannot pass any cars until the Flagman waves the Green Flag, and turns on the green light. Green means race.


YELLOW FLAG:           Caution - Slow to pace speed

yellow flag

When the Flagman displays the yellow flag, the yellow light comes on and it is not safe to race.  Slow down in a safe manner and stay directly behind the car you were following during the last green flag lap.  Passing or jumping positions is not allowed. Cars not obeying the caution flag / lights or procedures may be disqualified. Failure to get in position within one lap after lineup is determined or failure to allow another vehicle in will result in offender going to the rear.


A.    If the Flagman displays the yellow flag on the first lap, the race will be re-started with the original line-up, except for those who pit, cannot re-start, or leave the track.

B.    After one completed lap, all cars that are stopped on the track when the yellow is displayed must restart at the rear of the field. All cars involved, will be charged with the yellow.  The only exception is if the car is stopping to notify officials of a track hazard or a safety related concern.

C.    Any car that is charged with  two (2) yellow flags will be disqualified.


GREEN / YELLOW FLAG:          Continue Racing but with Caution

green yellow

Continue to race, but be aware of the race conditions as the caution is also displayed. Watch for the problem(s) on or near the racing surface. This may be a slow moving car due to mechanical problems and attempting to leave the track.  This Green / Yellow combination may also be a car in one of the turns against the wall, or to the inside of the track just off the racing surface.


RED FLAG:           Danger - STOP!

red flag

A.     Stop as quickly and safely as possible and remain stopped unless directed to move by safety / fire crews.  The race is stopped until the safety / fire crew and ambulance crew reach and clear the accident area.

B.     No pit crew members or family are allowed on the racing surface of the track.  Only safety personnel, wrecker crews, and race officials will be allowed on the track to clear the accident scene.  Infield pit crews must remain in the designated area.


RED / YELLOW:          You may move the car

A.    The race is still stopped.  When the Red / Yellow is displayed, you may move your car to the designated infield pit area and proceed with servicing your car without a lap penalty.  No pit crew are allowed on the track.  Do not work on your car on the race track, you will be disqualified.

B.    When the accident has been cleared and the race is ready to resume the YELLOW will be displayed.  You will be lined up in the in the order of the last completed lap.


BLACK FLAG:          Leave the track immediately

black flag

A.     Usually means disqualified for that race unless otherwise notified. The car shall go directly to the designated infield pit area immediately.  You may be allowed to resume racing if your problems are resolved.  If you go to the main pit area you can not re-enter the race.

B.     The car will not be scored immediately after receiving the black flag.

C.     Failure to yield to the BLACK FLAG will result in disqualification for that specific race, the entire event, or possibly suspension.

D.     Anyone Black Flagged in the Heat will start in the rear of the “B” or “A” Main.


BLUE FLAG WITH A YELLOW STRIPE:         Move over for faster cars

blue w/ yellow stripe

If a slower car is blocking the way for the leaders, the Flagman will show the Blue & Yellow flag.  You are about to be lapped by the leader(s), hold your position, allow the up-coming cars to have the racing groove.  Do not make sudden moves to left or right.


HALF-WAY:          Race is half complete 

When the race leader reaches the half-way point the Flagman will hold out two flags.  The Flagman holds the flags so they are not unfurled and crosses them in an  X.


TWO TO GO:          Two laps to finish

When there are two laps remaining, the Flagman will signal the racers by holding the white and checkered flags so they are not unfurled and they are displayed parallel to each other.


WHITE FLAG:          Last Lap

white flag

Last lap, one final racing lap until the race is over.


CHECKERED FLAG:          Race is Over

checkered flag

The Flagman will show the Checkered flag when the race winner first crosses the finish line.  Cars are scored in the order they cross the finish line.  The race is completed and the unofficial results are complete.  The cars as designated by the Track Manager in each class must report directly to the Tech area for Claims, Protests and Tech.