Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a cooler to the race?

No, however, we do permit exit and reentry in order to accommodate customers that wish to bring items to the races in their cars.

Can I bring alcoholic beverages in a cooler inside the Raceway?

Alcoholic beverages are NOT ALLOWED inside the park.  NO GLASS IS ALLOWED.

How long will it take me to get home after the race?

Take into consideration the number of people attending the event. Obviously, the more people and cars the longer it will take you to get home. Also, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS OF THE PARKING ATTENDANTS, which will aid in getting everyone home quicker.

Can I buy passes to get into the pits?

You can purchase pit passes for selected events by calling the ticket office at (281) 383-RACE.

Can I use my cell phone at the track?

You can use your cell phone at the track, but keep in mind that access declines as the number of people attending an event increases. Do not rely on your cell phone if you need to relay or receive important information.

Are check cashing services available?

Houston Raceway Park provides no check cashing services.

Are there ATM machines at the Raceway?

Yes. ATM locations vary by event.