Pure/Factory Stock



The age requirement for pure/factory stocks is 14 years of age and up.  All minors must have a notarized release of liability form signed by a legal guardian/parent. 

American made passenger cars or trucks as described.  Metric frame cars are allowed. Nova’s, S-10 and Ford Ranger pick-ups are allowed.  No front wheel or four wheel drive vehicles allowed.  Metric framed station wagons are permitted with enclosed rear compartment. No other makes or models will be accepted. No camaro, Cadillac, town cars, mustang or corvette. No commercial vehicles, convertibles or sports cars. Altering original frame wheelbase is not allowed. Minimum wheel base is 108” per OEM specifications.  Allowance to 107.5 for caster adjustment will be allowed at the technical inspection pad.
Fenders may be cut for tire clearance only. Space between fender and tire shall not exceed 7” anywhere around the tire.
Body sheet metal must be in place at the beginning of each race event and kept in a professional appearance throughout the season.

Doors must be welded or bolted shut.

All glass, fiberglass, plastic and trim must be completely removed from the car.
Full floor pans along with both full front and rear firewalls are mandatory.  No cockpit type or interior decking is allowed as a replacement for floor pans.

Roof, Hood and Trunk must remain steel.  Quarter panels, doors and front fenders may be constructed of Aluminum.  Hoods and Trunks must be secured with hood pins at all times. No holes allowed in hood except for hood pin holes.  

All openings in the car that could propose a safety hazard to the driver must be sealed shut at all times.
Stock OEM bumpers are required for the make and model of the car. Bumper loops are also required in front and rear to protect the radiator and fuel cell. The bumper loops will be constructed of tubing made from 1 ½ OD x .095 wall thickness with a maximum height of 6” tall and no wider than the frame.  After market nose may be used but must be installed in a vertical position.  If an aftermarket nose is used, a tubular bumper may be used and is allowed to extend to the full width of the nose, but must be mounted inside the nose.  If an OEM bumper is used, the bumper cannot extend outside beyond the frame horns.  


Roll bars must be constructed of 1.5” O.D. x 0.95” steel tubing minimum. Main roll bar and halo must be a minimum of 1” higher than the driver’s helmet. Minimum of three (3) door bars on the driver side and a minimum of two (2) door bars on the passenger side. FRONT LOOP IS ALLOWED TO PROTECT RADIATOR BUT MUST NOT EXTEND FORWARD OF THE FRONT OF THE HOOD.  RADIATOR CORE SUPPORT MAY BE REMOVED.  Maximum size for front loop is 1.5” O.D., .095” tubing. All roll cage welds must be complete and pass safety inspection by tech officials. Floor pan may be cut for cage and sub-frame connectors, but must be replaced by a minimum of 20 gauge steel. X-bracing under the driver (frame-to-frame) is allowed.

A single Rub Rail is allowed on each side of the car. Maximum size is 1.5"X 0.95". Must be attached to the main cage at the front and rear section of the Rub Rail.  This means only (2) attachment points are allowed on the Rub Rail.  No Rub Rails allowed on the rear outside quarter panel areas. Rub Rails may not extend into wheel well areas.

A lift loop (cable or chain) is mandatory and must be installed on the front so to enable the car to be picked up by the wrecker if required in the front.  Rear bumpers must be capable of holding up car in the event of a rear tow by the wrecker.

Compression rule is 160 PSI cranking compression.  Compression must not exceed 160 psi with all spark plugs removed and engine turned over 5 revolutions.

Straight or V-6 engines within 11 cubic inches of factory specs allowed.  V-8 engine with maximum 361 cubic inches allowed.  All engines must be installed and remain in stock location. Stock style motor mounts are mandatory.  May use steel replacement OEM style motor mounts, but must bolt into ACTUAL stock location and stock location bolt holes. NO OFFSET ENGINE MOUNTS.  Stock cast iron OEM blocks only. No machining in lifter valley (except for oil flow drain openings) or in lifter bores. Engine components must be stock, or stock appearing. No lightening of cranks allowed. No knife edge, no bull nosing, undercut or drilling of second or third rod journal throws allowed.  Rods must be 5.7” only. 3:48” stroke only.  Crankshaft weight is 49 lbs minimum.  No high performance rotating assembly parts allowed.   CAST OR FORGED PISTONS ALLOWED, BUT MUST BE STOCK APPEARING.  Two or Four valve style pistons allowed.  Aftermarket Engine bolts are legal in 2014.        

Must have 1” sight plug in oil pan between second and third pan bolt on the driver’s side.

Engine must hold 14” of vacuum at 1200 rpm’s

Cylinder heads must be stock for year, make and model. (305 on 305, 350 on 350, etc.) No closed or partially closed chambered heads, maximum 1.94 intake valves and 1.50 exhaust valves. No Vortec heads. No aluminum heads. Heads may be flat milled for surfacing reasons only. No angle milling. Rocker studs may be pinned. Screw in studs will also be permitted.  Casting numbers must remain in heads. No interior de-burring or grinding allowed.  No Acid dipping or alterations allowed.   Any stock single valve spring with dampeners are allowed. No Double, Triple or Beehive style springs allowed. No porting, polishing, port matching or coatings of any type allowed. No aluminum or titanium components allowed. Full roller rocker arms and/or roller tip rockers are not allowed. Poly-locks are allowed. Stud girdles & guide plates are not allowed.

Intake Manifolds:
Both Quadrajet and Holley #4412 may use a stock OEM 4 barrel Cast Iron or OEM low profile 4 bbl. Aluminum Intake. 

OPTION:  A Holley # 4412 Carb in the Pure Stocks will be allowed to run a Victor JR. 2BBL. Intake.  (Victor Jr. Part # 2901 only).  No de-burring or grinding allowed. No porting or polishing of any kind.   Blocking of heat risers and EGR holes allowed. Most brand, style or size air cleaner is allowed. No type of RAM air or forced air induction will be allowed. Any valve cover combination allowed.

Rochester Quadrajet:

No adapters or spacers allowed with the Quadrajet.

A single carb gasket only installed between the 4 bbl. Intake and carb.

Holley # 4412 on stock cast iron 4bbl. or stock, low profile aluminum 4bbl. intake.

A 2” spacer/adapter allowed.

Two gaskets allowed with spacer.  (One gasket allowed between the carb and spacer; the other between the spacer and 4bbl. Intake manifold).

Holley #4412 with Victor Jr. Intake (Part # 2901)

No spacer or adapter allowed when using the Victor Jr. # 2901 intake.

One gasket allowed between the Victor Jr. intake and the # 4412 carb only.

Carbs:  Must pass go/no-go gauges.

Gas Only, no additives.

Any Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam, Lifter, Push Rod & Legal Rocker Arm Combination is allowed as long as the total lift does not exceed .450. No Roller Cams, Lifters or Rockers allowed.   (This measurement will be taken at the retainer).   Lifters must be stock OEM hydraulic type.  Lifters may not exceed Stock OEM size.

Exhaust manifolds must be stock cast iron only. No corvette style, (2.5 port exhaust) stock manifolds, marine type or center dump exhaust manifolds allowed.   No porting, polishing, acid treatment or coatings. Exhaust pipes must extend past drivers compartment.  Exhaust piping with a turndown is mandatory.  Non-Metric cars will be allowed to run the 2" maximum diameter center dump style cast iron manifolds that were available on earlier model GM trucks for 2014.

Cast iron water pump is required. Pulleys may be aluminum after market. Fan must be steel and attached to water pump. Fan spacers may be used. An additional electric cooling fan may be used to assist cooling under yellow flag periods, but not replace stock fans, pulleys or belt components.

Must remain and be completely stock OEM replacement parts only. Stock HEI ignition is allowed. No MSD modules, no MSD systems or any aftermarket or GM ignition boxes allowed.

Fuel Pump:
Must be stock OEM style fuel pump installed in stock location.  Carter and Holley manual style are allowed.  Stock OEM Push rod activated lever style only.


Fuel Tank must be securely mounted in trunk of car between frame rails. All cars must have a steel constructed fuel cell with a bladder.  Maximum capacity of fuel cell is 22 gallons. All fuel cells must have a roll-over valve. No plastic boat tanks.


Brake system must remain stock OEM to make and model.  No aftermarket components allowed on any spindles or hubs.  One aftermarket master cylinder and pedal may be used but must remain in OEM location with no extension on the push rod or relocation of the pedal assembly. Car must have a minimum of 3 wheel brakes in working order at all times. No proportioning valves. Rear disc brakes are highly recommended for safety reasons.


All Automatic Transmissions must have a working 10“ minimum converter with no modifications.  CAR MUST BE ABLE TO SIT IN GEAR WITH BRAKES BEING APPLIED AT 1,500 RPMS without killing motor.  All forward gears must be in working order on all transmissions plus a neutral and working reverse. No over-drive transmissions. All standard transmissions must be OEM stock with all forward gears and reverse in working order, and minimum 10.5” clutch, pressure plate, and full size stock steel flywheel. Standard transmissions must have a ¼” steel plate covering the bell housing 180 degrees over the sides and top of clutch assembly or a blow proof bell-housing. No aluminum or light weight flywheels, no 5 or 6 speed standard transmissions, no overdrives. Transmission coolers okay, but must be installed away from driver’s sight.


All drive shafts must be steel and painted white. Drive shaft must have safety loop within 6” of the front U-joint. No chain loops allowed.


Must be stock OEM for make, and year of car. Any gear ratio is allowed as long as the housing doesn’t have to be altered. Rear end must be locked. Mini spools are ok. No limited slip or posi-traction devices.


Quick Steers are allowed.   Aftermarket steering shaft and quick release steering wheel is recommended.

Suspension parts must remain stock for year, make and model. No modification to any suspension component. No adjustable or non-adjustable spring spacers. Racing shocks allowed but must have OEM style shock ends.  No Heim joint mounting style shocks.   Bushings may be replaced with stock style OEM type only.  Racing springs allowed (steel only). Leaf springs may use lowering blocks. Leaf springs must be made of steel only.  Non Metric cars will be allowed to use tubular upper a-arms providing they are mounted in the stock OEM location and are dimensionally the same as OEM.  Pure Stocks will be allowed to run IMCA type upper control arms.  Control Arms must be mounted in the Stock OEM location.


Hoosier stamped G60’s, American Racer KK/704’s or Factory Stock Legal Asphalt Pull Offs.  Grooving, Grinding and/or Siping is allowed on any of the three legal tires listed above.   Asphalt Pull Offs must be Factory Stock legal in size and any tire when checked must produce a Durometer reading of 51 or higher whenever checked.  

Any 8” steel wheel permitted.  NO light weight wheels permitted. 5/8 studs and 1” lug nuts are mandatory.   No bead locks. Wheel spacers will be allowed.  Mud Plugs or mud protectors are allowed on right sides only. 
Weight:  3,300 lbs. with driver.

Racing seats with rib supports are required. Seats must be securely mounted to chassis, NOT FLOOR PAN, with a minimum of four (4), 3/8” bolts. 5 point safety harness are required, S.F.I. tag must be legible and no more than 5 years old. Straps must NOT be frayed in any way. Connectors must lock and unlock freely. Belts must be bolted to the roll cage and/or frame with a minimum bolt size of 1/2” bolts. A window net is required.   Sprint car window nets allowed only when accompanied with arm restraints.   All helmets must be full-face type.   Helmets with current Snell 90 or newer stickers on it are mandatory.   (Snell’s sa90 and sa00 are legal). All drivers are required to wear a driving suit. No nomex coveralls will be allowed. Neck brace is MANDATORY for all drivers.  Driving gloves and driving shoes are recommended.

Roll Bar Padding must be installed on any bar that is within reach of the driver once they are buckled into the seat.

Numbers must be 24” high and 4” wide on both sides of car and 28” tall on the roof and positioned so it can be read from the passenger side. Cars must be painted and numbered neatly and to be seen easily by the scorekeepers. The number on the roof is the most important number. Reflective vinyl is not recommended for roof application due to the poor read ability. All numbers must be of different color than background. When positioning the number on the roof, it should be readable from the scoring tower.


FACTORY STOCK RULES will be included as an option in the 2014 Pure Stock class.

You must declare whether you are Pure Stock or Factory Stock when registering the car for 2014.

Factory Stocks will be required to display a “Spec” sticker on the front driver’s side roof post.

“Spec” cars will run under current ARK-LA-TEK Factory Stock rules; Pure Stocks will be required to follow the rules listed above under The Pure Stocks section.  NO MIXING OF RULES OTHER THAN ASPHALT PULL OFFS.  YOU MUST BE COMPLETELY LEGAL UNDER ONE GROUP OR THE OTHER!!!!


Engine 160 psi 175 psi
Camshaft .450 max. lift at the retainer
.450 max. lift at the retainer
Weight 3,300 lbs with driver 3,000 lbs with driver
Carburetor Quadrajet or # 4412 #4412 only

Stamped G60’s, KK704’s

Factory Stock legal Pull Offs

Asphalt Pull Offs

Steel roof, hood and trunk.

Rest of car=steel or aluminum

 Steel roof

Rest of Car Steel or Aluminum

Roofs  Steel Only
 Steel Only
Shocks  Racing shocks (No Heims)  Racing shocks (No Heims)
Springs  Steel Racing Springs  Steel Racing Springs
Steering  Quick Steer Allowed  Quick Steer Allowed

Quadrajet  Carb.=Cast iron or Stock low profile Aluminum  (As described above) Pure Stock Only.

#4412 Carb. = Cast iron, Stock low profile aluminum or Victor Jr. Part # 2901 (Pure Stock Only)

Victor Jr. not allowed in Factory Stock
Aero  No spoilers, wings or aerodynamic items.  No spoilers, wings or aerodynamic items.
Wheels  8” steel with 5/8” lugs  8” steel with 5/8” lugs


Protest must be made before a feature in writing by driver ONLY!!!!!  See RPR tech official. 

$75 valve cover removal and inspection or $150 head removal and inspection of which $100 to the driver and $50 to the point fund.  Rules are subjected to change at any time. Any rule infraction to be in question will be at Royal Purple Raceway’s discretion.