Doug Foley Drag Racing Experience


Have you been at the races and while watching the cars travel down the track at unbelievable speeds and thought I would love to try that?  Royal Purple Raceway is giving you that opportunity!!

Your Doug Foley’s Drag Racing Experience will be a half day course starting with an orientation, where basic safety and operation procedures will be discussed. When orientation is completed, you will proceed to the starting line to begin your race car driving career.  They will have you make two or three runs. The first pass will consist of you doing a long smoky burnout, launching the car and a 300 foot pass.

The Doug Foley Drag Racing Experience can accommodate everything from a single student to large corporate group of any size.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take the ride of your life! Call today to book your Dragster Blast Ride Along!! Let one of Doug Foley’s instructors get you suited up with all the necessary equipment, supplied by them and get you belted in to this over 800 horse power machine!!!

These driving schools fill up quickly and are very popular. To book your event, contact Chlee Green at 281-217-9382 or via email at