Drag Strip Signs  

VIP Tower Sign – The centerpiece of the drag strip is the three story VIP Tower Complex.  The Tower contains the sophisticated timing and scoring system that calculates races to the thousandths of a second.  Additionally, the Tower is home to 23 VIP Suites that provide the perfect vantage point to enjoy the explosive action of drag racing.  Outside the suites and between the suite floors are located the illuminated signs that provide a constant point of reference for not only the fans in attendance, but also the television cameras that face back to the VIP Tower as each race leaves the starting line.  

Annual O'Reilly Auto Parts NHRA Spring Nationals

Scoreboard Sign – These are by far the most visible and the most announced signs at the facility.  Each of the two finish line scoreboard signs designates the lane by which it is positioned.  This creates a constant message for the fans to hear the sponsors name and recognize their commitment to the sport.  Currently, winners are either in the Royal Purple lane or the O’Reilly lane.  

Double-sided Grandstand Billboard – Above the grandstands on both sides of the facility are the high-visibility, double-sided billboards that can be seen from almost every location at the facility.  These signs provide great exposure and a captive audience.  Fans even use these sponsor signs as a locator throughout the facility.  Often, directions from track personnel are given to inquiring spectators as “behind the Baytown Ford sign” or “just past the O’Reilly Auto Parts sign”.  These signs also receive a great deal of television exposure, ever increasing the value to the sponsor.  

Guardwall Sign Package – Inside each guardwall down the drag strip from the starting line to the finish line are signs identifying many of the sponsors involved in the sport of drag racing.  These colorful placements provide a vivid relief to the white background and become a focal point whenever there is a mishap on the racing surface.  All eyes will focus on the disabled vehicle as well as the guardwall signs near the vehicle. 

Fence Signs – Sponsors may find the best place to put their message is on the perimeter fence outside the racetrack.  Royal Purple Raceway provides the space for sponsors to place their pre-produced signs for all race fans to view as they drive by or wait in line to enter the facility.  This is one of the most economical ways to reach the race fan.  

Dirt Track Signs  

Scoreboard Sign – This sign garners the attention of race fans checking the leader board for race leaders and lap count during the racing events.  This high visibility sign provides a focal point for spectators and it receives the majority of television exposure.  The scoreboard sign is located in the center of turns 3 and 4 on the north end of the Dirt Track.                                                       

Double-sided Anchor Billboard – This oversized billboard is located between turns 1 and 2 and complements the scoreboard sign at the opposite end of the track.  This sign becomes a focal point during the National Anthem with the American Flag located next to it.  Additionally, when the fans follow the racing action into turn one, this billboard stands strikingly out. Double-sided Billboard –These are signs located around the outside of the turns on both the north and south ends of the racetrack.  They are located on either side of the scoreboard on the north end and on either side of the anchor billboard on the south end.  These signs are visible from all areas of the track and the grandstand.  They are also in an optimum position to benefit from most camera angles during filming of racing events.

Dirt Track